WELCOME TO islascanariasrentals.com
WELCOME TO  islascanariasrentals.com


I am a Canarian man, with a big passion for my island. I do actually believe I am afortunate that I live in Paradise. 

I rent out apartments and rural houses together with my parents, which I love. I have been doing this for the last 5 years, in which time I have come across a lot of different nationalities and have been in almost every imaginable situation, so I am ready for whatever comes my way.

I speak Spanish and have an intermediary level of English, but my girlfriend is Danish and she speaks, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, English and a bit German, so we are able to help in quite a few languages.


As mentioned earlier, I love my island, I grew up here and therefore I have a big knowledge about the island, what to see, what to do and what to be aware of. So feel free to ask me anything or for advice and I will be happy to help.

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